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Committees form, begin project planning

June 1, 2016

Following a nomination process, subcommittee members enthusiastically accepted their invitations to join the project and convened with kick-off meetings in May. At their first meeting, each subcommittee was given detailed background information about “Tier III HR Restructuring” and the HR Redesign project plan. Each subcommittee was given a charge so committee members would have a full understanding of their area of work, final deliverables and the expectations of their involvement. The subcommittees are now engaged in project planning and will soon have their milestones and deadlines defined.

In addition, subcommittee members were asked to share “three wishes” they had for the new HR plan. From this discussion, several themes emerged. These themes revolved around:

  • Career development
  • Training
  • Compensation and pay equity
  • Onboarding and retention
  • Performance evaluation

These themes are consistent with findings from the Great Place Initiative survey and with the HR Redesign project plan. It confirms that we are on the right track and that the expectations of the university community are aligned with this HR transformation. The “three wishes” will also be used by the HR Redesign Advisory Committee to develop metrics to track our success.

We plan on monthly updates to this page so check in again soon to track our progress!