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Committees form, begin project planning

June 1, 2016

Following a nomination process, subcommittee members enthusiastically accepted their invitations to join the project and convened with kick-off meetings in May. At their first meeting, each subcommittee was given detailed background information about “Tier III HR Restructuring” and the HR Redesign project plan. Each subcommittee was given a charge so committee members would have a full understanding of their area of work, final deliverables and the expectations of their involvement. The subcommittees are now engaged in project planning and will soon have their milestones and deadlines defined.

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Project update

September 15, 2016

The project is off to a strong start! The planning and data collection phase of the project is wrapping up and the committees are busy designing components of the new HR pla and drafting policies. All but one of the tasks identified for completion in the first six months have been accomplished and several planned for the next six months are already well underway. In addition to the committee work our team has been meeting with individual units and has engaged more than 1,000 constituents, most in small group discussions, about the project.


Performance Management: The Performance Management committee is now focused on designing the new program and implementing the software to support it. The new performance management program is based on cascading goals from the university’s strategic priorities to school/unit level to each employee, offering a direct line of sight from the individual’s goals to the university’s mission and vision. We don't need to wait for the new software to begin implementing cascading goals. Therefore, training sessions are being held throughout the month of September to prepare managers to use cascading goals in the 2016-17 performance planning cycle. Having these cascading goals in place will ease the transition to the new performance management program.

Three modules in the Cornerstone Talent Management suite of products have been purchased and we are currently in the beginning phase of implementation. The three modules are performance planning and evaluation, employee learning and development, and succession development. The committee has also been working on identifying core university competencies and sample behavioral indicators which will be used in the performance management program.

Career Development: The new HR plan will be designed around a series of visible and flexible career paths that provide opportunities for “promotion in place” as well as advancement across the university. The compensation staff in Human Resources are hard at work developing job families and market ranges in support of the new HR plan. The Career Development committee is researching best practices and designing infrastructure to support “career communities.” Career communities are the structure around which career development programming will occur. They will bring together practitioners in similar fields for networking and mentoring. They will also assist employees with their career development by helping develop their capabilities, increase competencies and, where appropriate, prepare for career advancement. The Career Development committee is also working on designing the details that will be necessary for a mentoring program to flourish at VCU.

Leadership Development: The Leadership Development Committee is defining the role of a manager at VCU articulating expectations and competencies, and designing a training curriculum and other resources necessary for them to be successful. Over the next 18 months we will be preparing managers to be successful in these challenges roles. 

Policy: The existing policies have been inventoried and prioritized. The committees are currently researching best practices and drafting concepts and options for policies addressing performance management, career development, recruitment, compensation, and the definition and terms of employment for the new employee category that is being created. By the spring, the new HR policy will enter into the official university policy review process, including a 30 day comment period. 

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