Track progress

Track progress

Here’s how we will implement the new HR plan.

January 2018 is our target launch date. Already, we are hard at work and have a timeline for every step of the way.

Policy and programs

  • Launch
  • Start-up
  • Research and design
  • University review process
  • Board approval
  • Finalize and train on policies and procedures
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2018
  • Enrollment
  • Technology development
  • Plan, communicate, engage
  • Spring 2016
  • Fall 2016
  • Apr 2017
  • Sep 2017
  • Mar 2018

Key components of the new HR plan


Drafting policies

Comment period

Review and approval


New HR Policy

Committees have been hard at work, researching best practices from other universities and other large employers and developing draft policies around recruitment, compensation, employee relations, leave and other topics that will guide the new HR plan. The draft policy is available for open comment from the university community through March 17, 2017. Following the open comment period, committees will analyze the feedback and recommend any necessary policy changes. In the spring, the draft policy will go to the University Council, Board of Visitors and President’s cabinet for review and approval. 

Setup and Configuration




Performance Management and Learning Management Software Implementation

VCU is implementing new technology to better support the updated performance management process. This software will help managers and employees work together to set goals and monitor progress throughout the year. The new system improves transparency and keeps employees informed of changing goals, but more importantly, it ensures that employee progress does not go unnoticed. Employees can set up professional profiles that highlight special skills and experience, register for training opportunities, and manage their career development through the software’s employee learning management system (LMS).

The implementation team is currently working through the system set-up and configuration to ensure it best meets the needs of the university. We plan to pilot the performance management module with a small group, with representation from both campuses, in Spring 2017 and roll it out to the university community in the fall for the 2017-18 performance cycle.

With help from the Learning and Development Council, we are currently collecting content related to professional development, training, and compliance to debut in the system later this fall. If you would like to be part of this process, please email Megan Wood. The learning management module will roll out in time for the university’s annual compliance training in November. We anticipate that required training for the new software will begin in the fall of 2017.On-going training and support for the employee LMS will be available after the initial roll-out this fall.

Research and Design

Career Communities

Mentoring Program


Career Paths

As part of the HR Redesign, Human Resources is creating a new job family structure and market-based salary ranges for the new employee group while the Career Development Committee is designing career paths that identify required skills and opportunities for career advancement. Career paths will also offer “promotions in place,” as employees grow in their existing role, as well as a road map of opportunities across the institution. The career paths will include tracks for individual contributors with deep subject matter expertise distinct from those who aspire to a supervisory, management or leadership role.

The committee, in close collaboration with the HR compensation team, is finalizing the career paths and plan to give the university community a first look at an event in May. In the meantime, they will continue to work on the foundations of the career communities and mentoring programs.  During the fall semester, the committee facilitated several focus groups across the university with various “job-specific interest groups” that currently operate with minimal employee involvement and lack of professional development.  Based on the feedback received from the focus groups, the committee will work with selected pilot groups during the spring and summer months, to determine the best structure for developing career committees. The new structure will allow the committees to have more insight for the group and be employee owned and driven and not leadership guided, allowing for a collaborative outcome for career development growth.  


Other progress notes

Leadership Development: In order to prepare managers, we are designing a training curriculum and developing resources necessary for them to be successful managing employees in the new HR plan. We anticipate offering training opportunities to managers quarterly throughout 2017 to get them ready for the implementation of the new HR plan.

Process mapping: HR Partners from across the university are participating in a series of process mapping exercises to map out current state HR processes, and as the new HR plan develops and roles and responsibilities become more clear, future state HR processes.


Archived progress reports: For progress reports see 2016 Progress Updates