The HR Redesign committee members would like to thank everyone for their participation in the policy open comment period. The final VCU Human Resources policy is based on the feedback we received. Download the full summary of the open comment process, including respondent demographics, themes that emerged through the comments, and policy revisions.

Highlights from the open comment period

Policy name
Change the name to Working @ VCU: “Great Place” HR Policies.

Employee groups
Add a designation of academic professionals to identify those with specialized professional qualifications who provide direct support of academic programs to enhance the practice and quality of teaching and learning. This employee group is defined as those having advanced degrees, often terminal degrees, with 75 percent or more of their total assignment involving advising, curriculum development and instructional design.


  • Clarify the language on posting, offer letter and reference-checking processes.
  • Add an appeals process for employees dismissed by the university to petition for rehire.

Clarify the distinction between university job title and working titles.

Performance management
Add a sixth performance rating to differentiate “Developing” and “Needs Improvement.”

Employee Relations
Clarify the language on the relationship between the grievance process and other complaint procedures at the university; that classified staff retain the option of using the state grievance procedures; process on panel hearings; document signing and retention; and simplify the wording in workforce reduction, severance and WTA benefits.

Alternative work arrangements
Clarify the difference between informal and formal circumstances, as well as core and standard work hours.

Paid leave plan

  • Eliminate the yearly leave payout option. Leave balances above the maximum carry-forward will be forfeited. Postpone implementation of first carry-forward maximum to December 2019.
  • Pay leave balances upon separation at 100 percent, and cover the cost from the fringe benefit pool.
  • Change the leave service date to include years with a break in service.
  • Include sick and personal/family leave balances into the new leave program upon conversion.
  • Remove the two-year stipulation on the use of the parental leave benefit.
  • Change the requirements for caregiving leave to a straight “match” providing 40 additional hours of caregiving leave after an employee uses 40 hours of accrued leave.
  • Clarify language on use of banked traditional sick leave, four hour reporting increment for exempt employees, and affirming University service does not require use of leave time.

Though the open comment period is closed, you may continue to submit questions about the draft policy on the FAQ page. New questions and answers are posted here regularly. Thank you to everyone who reviewed the draft policy, submitted comments and suggested improvements during the open comment period.