Dear Colleagues:

I write to share some exciting developments in the Great Place: HR Redesign project. Most importantly, VCU’s new HR policy is approved and on track for our anticipated January 2018 effective date. The new HR policy is designed to reward growth and learning, align our everyday work with the strategic mission of the university, modernize how we recruit and retain talent, and preserve what we appreciate most about state employment.

As a result of recent comments and questions, I’d like to clarify the following:

  • The effective date of the new HR plan is January 1, 2018 for classified employees hired to jobs posted July 1, 2016 or later. 
  • January 1, 2018 is also the start of the enrollment period for all other classified staff. Classified employees who elect to switch to the new HR plan during the enrollment period will have an effective date of July 1, 2018. A&P faculty who convert to the new plan will have an effective date of July 1,2018. 
  • Parts of the new HR plan will impact everyone. Even employees who elect to remain classified will still participate in the new performance management process. Part of this process is a career development plan for all employees. At the start of the year, you will work with your manager to set and achieve goals for your career development. All employees can also participate in the new career communities, connecting those in similar roles across the university to network and share best practices.
  • Only employees who become or elect to become University and Academic Professionals, the employee group under the new HR plan, will have opportunities for merit-based pay increases and career pathways. Learn more about the new job family structure and salary ranges. Employees who choose to remain classified will receive salary increases as approved by the State. 
  • The new leave program applies only to the new employee group (University and Academic Professionals) and is designed so that no one moving into the new HR plan will see leave accrual rates diminish. Employees will see their leave accruals increase, increase at a faster rate, or remain the same, depending on their current employment type and years of service. In the new plan, what you now accrue for sick, personal and annual leave will be in one bucket. Community service, parental and caregiver, and other types of leave will be in separate buckets. The scheduled university holidays will also remain separate.

Between now and January, Great Place: HR Redesign committees are developing procedures and workflow, and implementing the information systems and training required to support our new HR plan. You can read the final policy as well as updated FAQs on the Great Place: HR Redesign website. As always, I encourage you to offer your feedback and continue asking questions. Your involvement in important initiatives like this is what makes VCU a great place to work.

All my best,
Cathleen C. Burke
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Virginia Commonwealth University