Image of employees working at VCU.

A focus on HR means a focus on you.

VCU is a great place, and our goal was to make it even better.

Launched in spring 2016, the Great Place: HR Redesign project was charged with modernizing and aligning HR policies and programs to support the university’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities. The ultimate goal was to make VCU a place of opportunity, where faculty and staff can do meaningful work, where their success is supported and their careers can thrive. This website serves as the final report for the project.

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Welcome to a Great Place to work


Open now! Great Place HR Redesign continuous enrollment
Classified employees at VCU may now enroll in VCU's new HR plan at any time and become covered by the following quarter. Learn more about continuous enrollment.
As of June 2019,
More than 75% of VCU's non-faculty workforce is in the new HR plan.