A focus on HR means a focus on you.

VCU is a great place, and we’re working to make it even better.

Virginia Commonwealth University is a great place. You make it a great place. When we started the Great Place Initiative, you spoke and we listened. Today, we set out to design and implement a new HR plan that will help make VCU an even greater place — a place where you can do meaningful work, a place of opportunity, where your success is supported and your career thrives. Exciting parts to this plan include career development opportunities, market and merit-based pay, and mentoring and networking. Learn more.

Message from the president


Policy open comment period overview

Read an overview of the open comment period, including a summary of the process, respondent demographics and themes that emerged through the commentsLearn more.

First Look at Career Development

Join us to learn about VCU's new employee career development program. This event includes an overview of the new compensation plan, market-based salary ranges, career communities and mentoring opportunities. Learn more.

Performance management software

Our team is implementing new technology to support a more meaningful performance management process. Learn more.


New HR Policy

The design, approval and implementation of the policy that will govern the new HR Plan.

Learn more

Software Implementation

The implementation of a new online performance management and learning management tool.

Learn more

Career Development

The design and implementation of resources to support career advancement.

Learn more