A focus on HR means a focus on you.

VCU is a great place, and we’re working to make it even better.

Virginia Commonwealth University is a great place. You make it a great place. When we started the Great Place Initiative, you spoke and we listened. Today, we set out to design and implement a new HR plan that will help make VCU an even greater place — a place where you can do meaningful work, a place of opportunity, where your success is supported and your career thrives. Exciting parts to this plan include career development opportunities, market and merit-based pay, and mentoring and networking. Learn more.

Message from the president

The time is now.

January 2018 is just around the corner. Here’s how we will get there.

Mar-Aug 2016

Plan, collect data and prioritize policy and program changes.

Sep 2016-Feb 2017

Design options, develop recommendations and seek input on proposed changes.

Mar 2017-Feb 2018

Finalize policies and programs, develop and implement procedures, and conduct enrollment process.


Frequently asked questions

A graphic Q to represent a question When will we have more information about the new HR plan?


A graphic A to represent an answer This will be an inclusive and collaborative process. Committees are being formed to work on various components of the project. Read more about the governance structure of this project. Although engaging the university community in the process takes time, we have a jump-start for this work using the data from the Great Place Initiative survey. We expect to have drafts of the new HR policies available for comment in about one year. Specific details about the new HR plan will be available in summer 2017, with a planned effective date of January 2018. There will be many opportunities for staff to learn more about and to provide input into the development of the new HR plan. Stay tuned to this website to learn more about the project over the coming months.


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